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UKEX, ATEX and IECEx approved temperature gauge

  • UKEX, ATEX and IECEx approval
  • Universal rtd and thermocouple temperature input
  • 6-digit alpha-numeric LCD display
  • Low cost dual 1.5v aaa battery operation
  • Push button and nfc configuration
  • Data logger (nfc interface)
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The DM650XTM, a UKEX, ATEX and IECEx approved temperature indicator for resistance or thermocouple temperature sensors, displays the sensor temperature in °C, °F or K on a 6-digit LCD.

Configuration is done by pressing a single push button and navigating through a menu structure. A contactless NFC interface is also provided for configuration and data logging function. The product can be used with our temperature sensors.



The instrument is powered by two AAA 1.5 V batteries. The battery life depends on the number of active functions, such as configuration response time and logging. Battery life can be up to 5 years or more (1 year minimum depending on options selected).

PUSH-BUTTON CONFIGURATION (only for intrinsically safe applications in non-hazardous areas)

A simple one-button menu allows the user to configure sensor type, temperature units, decimal, update rate and apply a single-point user offset (range -10.0 to 10.0 units) to correct for sensor errors.

ANDROID NFC SETUP FUNCTION (In a secure area or with the use of an appropriate intrinsically safe approved phone)

The Android NFC interface allows the DM650XTM to be configured via an intrinsically safe approved Android NFC device (or in a safe area) using the downloadable app.

ANDROID NFC DATA RECORDING FUNCTION (In a safe area or when using an intrinsically safe approved NFC device)

Up to 1500 temperature, time and date recording points can be stored on the DM650XTM.